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FastLogin - nie autoryzuje płatnego konta

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Hej. Od razu mówię że jestem kompletnym n00bem jeśli chodzi o Spigota. Stawiam sobie serwer dla znajomków i wgrałem dwa pluginy. AuthMe Reloaded - w razie czego żeby trollowanko nie poszło za daleko 😛, oraz FastLogin - bo niektórzy z nas ( ja) mamy kupionego Minecrafta i nie chce nam się logować. Otóż problem polega na tym, że pomimo (chyba) poprawnego skonfigurowania, automatyczny register i login nie chce mi działać. Dołączam na serwer a tu "Register with /register <password> <password>". Co z tym zrobić?

Aha, jeszcze konfig:

# FastLogin config
# Project site:
# Source code:
# You can access the newest config here:

# Request a premium login without forcing the player to type a command
# If you activate autoRegister, this plugin will check/do these points on login:
# 1. An existing cracked account shouldn't exist
# -> paid accounts cannot steal the existing account of cracked players
# - (Already registered players could still use the /premium command to activate premium checks)
# 2. Automatically registers an account with a strong random generated password
# -> cracked player cannot register an account for the premium player and so cannot the steal the account
# Furthermore the premium player check have to be made based on the player name
# This means if a cracked player connects to the server and we request a paid account login from this player
# the player just disconnect and sees the message: 'bad login' or 'invalid session'
# There is no way to change this message
# For more information:
autoRegister: true

# This is extra configuration option to the feature above. If we request a premium authentication from a player who
# isn't actual premium but used a premium username, the player will disconnect with the reason "invalid session" or
# "bad login".
# If you activate this, we are remembering this player and do not force another premium authentication if the player
# tries to join again, so the player could join as cracked player.
secondAttemptCracked: false

# New cracked players will be kicked from server. Good if you want switch from offline-mode to online-mode without
# losing players!
# Existing cracked and premium players could still join your server. Moreover you could add playernames to a whitelist.
# So that these cracked players could join too although they are new players.
switchMode: false

# If this plugin detected that a player has a premium, it can also set the associated
# uuid from that account. So if the player changes the username, they will still have
# the same player data (inventory, permissions, ...)
# Warning: This also means that the UUID will be different if the player is connecting
# through a offline mode connection. This **could** cause plugin compatibility issues.
# This is a example and doesn't apply for every plugin.
# Example: If you want to ban players who aren't online at the moment, the ban plugin will look
# after a offline uuid associated to the player, because the server is in offline mode. Then the premium
# players could still join the server, because they have different UUID.
# Moreover you may want to convert the offline UUID to a premium UUID. This will ensure that the player
# will have the same inventory, permissions, ... if they switched to premium authentication from offline/cracked
# authentication.
# This feature requires Cauldron, Spigot or a fork of Spigot (Paper)
premiumUuid: false

# This will make an additional check (only for player names which are not in the database) against the mojang servers
# in order to get the premium UUID. If that premium UUID is in the database, we can assume on successful login that the
# player changed it's  username and we just update the name in the database.
# Examples:
# #### Case 1
# nameChangeCheck = false ----- autoRegister = false
# Player logins as cracked until the player invoked the command /premium. Then we could override the existing database
# record.
# #### Case 2
# nameChangeCheck = true ----- autoRegister = false
# Connect the Mojang API and check what UUID the player has (UUID exists => Paid Minecraft account). If that UUID is in
# the database it's an **existing player** and FastLogin can **assume** the player is premium and changed the username.
# If it's not in the database, it's a new player and **could be a cracked player**. So we just use a offline mode
# authentication for this player.
# **Limitation**: Cracked players who uses the new username of a paid account cannot join the server if the database
# contains the old name. (Example: The owner of the paid account no longer plays on the server, but changed the username
# in the meanwhile).
# #### Case 3
# nameChangeCheck = false ----- autoRegister = true
# We will always request a premium authentication if the username is unknown to us, but is in use by a paid minecraft
# account. This means it's kind of a more aggressive check like nameChangeCheck = true and autoRegister = false, because
# it request a premium authentication which are completely new to us, that even the premium UUID is not in our database.
# **Limitation**: see below
# #### Case 4
# nameChangeCheck = true ----- autoRegister = true
# Based on autoRegister it checks if the player name is premium and login using a premium authentication. After that
# fastlogin receives the premium UUID and can update the database record.
# **Limitation from autoRegister**: New offline players who uses the username of an existing minecraft cannot join the
# server.
nameChangeCheck: false

# If your players have a premium account and a skin associated to their account, this plugin
# can download the data and set it to the online player.
# Keep in mind that this will only works if the player:
# * is the owner of the premium account
# * the server connection is established through a premium connection (paid account authentication)
# * has a skin
# This means this plugin doesn't need to create a new connection to the Mojang servers, because
# the skin data is included in the Auth-Verification-Response sent by Mojang. If you want to use for other
# players like cracked player, you have to use other plugins.
# If you want to use skins for your cracked player, you need an additional plugin like
# ChangeSkin, SkinRestorer, ...
forwardSkin: true

# Displays a warning message that this message SHOULD only be invoked by
# users who actually are the owner of this account. So not by cracked players
# If they still want to invoke the command, they have to invoke /premium again
premium-warning: true

# If you have autoRegister or nameChangeCheck enabled, you could be rate-limited by Mojang.
# The requests of the both options will be only made by FastLogin if the username is unknown to the server
# You are allowed to make 600 requests per 10-minutes (60 per minute)
# If you own a big server this value could be too low
# Once the limit is reached, new players are always logged in as cracked until the rate-limit is expired.
# (to the next ten minutes)
# The limit is IP-wide. If you have multiple IPv4-addresses you specify them here. FastLogin will then use it in rotating
# order --> 5 different IP-addresses 5 * 600 per 10 minutes
# If this list is empty only the default one will be used
# Lists are created like this:
#    - 192-168-0-2
ip-addresses: []

# How many requests should be established to the Mojang API for Name -> UUID requests. Some other plugins as well
# as the head minecraft block make such requests as well. Using this option you can limit the amount requests this
# plugin should make.
# If you lower this value, other plugins could still make requests while FastLogin cannot.
# Mojang limits the amount of request to 600 per 10 minutes per IPv4-address.
mojang-request-limit: 600

# This option automatically registers players which are in the FastLogin database, but not in the auth plugin database.
# This can happen if you switch your auth plugin or cleared the database of the auth plugin.
auto-register-unknown: false

# This disables the auto login from fastlogin. So a premium (like a paid account) authentication is requested, but
# the player won't be auto logged into the account.
# This can be used as 2Factor authentication for better security of your accounts. A hacker then needs both passwords.
# The password of your minecraft and the password to login in with your auth plugin
autoLogin: true

# Database configuration
# Recommended is the use of MariaDB (a better version of MySQL)

# Single file SQLite database
driver: org.sqlite.JDBC
# File location
database: '{pluginDir}/FastLogin.db'

# MySQL/MariaDB
#driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
#host: localhost
#port: 3306
#database: fastlogin
#username: myUser
#password: myPassword

# It's strongly recommended to enable SSL and setup a SSL certificate if the MySQL server isn't running on the same
# machine
#useSSL: false

# HTTP proxies for connecting to the Mojang servers in order to check if the username of a player is premium.
# This is a workaround to prevent rate-limiting by Mojang. These proxies will only be used once your server hit
# the rate-limit or the custom value above.
# Please make sure you use reliable proxies.
  # 'IP:Port' or 'Domain:Port'
  # - ''
  # - ''


Edytowane przez Grzesiek11

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Ustaw na takie wartości:

  • autoRegister: true
  • secondAttemptCracked: false
  • nameChangeCheck: true
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2 godziny temu, Patbox napisał:

No to pozostaje ręczna rejestracja i /premium

Po rejestacji i wpisaniu /premium pisze, że dodano na listę premium i wgl, ale po ponownym dołączeniu na serwer AuthMe prosi o login -_-

Co ja mam z tym zrobić...

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3 minuty temu, Grzesiek11 napisał:

Po rejestacji i wpisaniu /premium pisze, że dodano na listę premium i wgl, ale po ponownym dołączeniu na serwer AuthMe prosi o login -_-

Co ja mam z tym zrobić...

Dziwne... A na pewno masz najnowszą wersję Authme I FastLogin (wersję testową/deweloperską)? + jaka wersja serwera, bo u mnie na testowym na 1.14 też nie działało.

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Najważniejsze w tym wszystkim to wersja serwera na jakiej są te pluginy.

Ja miałem na 1.13.2 i wszystko ładnie działało jak ktoś wpisał /premium

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W dniu 27.04.2019 o 19:25, XNT napisał:

Najważniejsze w tym wszystkim to wersja serwera na jakiej są te pluginy.

Ja miałem na 1.13.2 i wszystko ładnie działało jak ktoś wpisał /premium

Również mam 1.13.2.

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